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Growing reflectors are an ideal option to increase the yield of your crops, especially for indoor crops. This way, you can ensure that the light spreads evenly across all your plants without leaving any corners.

If you are thinking of buying an indoor reflector, we can tell you that you are about to make a big decision to improve the quality and development of your plants . As you well know, lighting is a key condition. Each phase, each type of plant needs a different temperature, heat and lighting. By using reflectors, you can get even more out of your bulbs .

Why use reflectors in indoor crops

In outdoor crops we cannot control the lighting that our plants receive in the same way. However, when it comes to indoor crops, we have many tools to enhance lighting without having to increase the energy we use .

By using indoor reflectors appropriately, we can save a lot of money on energy supplies, since we will be getting more light without resorting to the use of electricity .

Sounds good, right?

Plus, you'll be ensuring that the light you're using is being used to its full potential and you're getting the most out of it . If you choose the right reflector, you could be increasing your output by up to 30%.

How to choose the best reflector for indoor crops

Not all types of grow lights will be the most suitable for your plants and the type of crop you are growing. It will also depend on the bulbs you are using.

For example, the Micropunto reflector model in our store is perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of indoor growing, as it reflects all the light from the crop so as not to leave any dead spots. Its micro-dotting system has also proven to be one of the most efficient.

You can also find more professional reflectors such as the Evolution reflector from Sun System . This allows the extraction of heat generated by the lamp without cooling it. You will achieve great uniformity, performance and heat diffusion.

With the right reflector, you can take advantage of light in even the smallest spaces, with just a few lamps. If you're just starting out, you can invest in a reflector that gives you more power for less.

Other ways to take advantage of the light from your lamps

There are more ways to light and improve the performance of your bulbs. The reflector will give you almost all the power you need, but you can also opt for reflective walls. This way your plants will have even better lighting, more similar to those in an open grow room .

Also remember that proper maintenance of the bulbs is key, as well as selecting the most appropriate ones for each phase of cultivation.

Remember that at Grow Shop Online you can find all kinds of equipment to improve the development and cultivation of your plants. We encourage you to get your reflector to start maximizing their performance for less investment.

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