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Indoor lighting grow cabinets, a huge range of possibilities!

Currently, in the world of indoor cultivation, several types of lighting systems have been developed, the main ones being low-consumption lamps, HPS, LED systems and the advantageous LEC lighting system. As each one has specific characteristics, we will explain a little about each one of them, since it will be convenient for you to choose one or the other depending on the needs of the growing medium you have chosen to work with.

Low consumption lamps

These are used in small spaces where with more powerful equipment our microclimate would experience extreme heat conditions. They are also perfect for those who do not want to have high electricity consumption.

From our Online Grow Shop we find it necessary to warn you that even if we can carry out the complete life cycle of our marijuana plants, they will have a yellowish colour throughout the entire crop. Because the light spectrum of low-consumption bulbs is poor once the flowering phase has begun, there will not be enough light intensity/wavelength necessary to bring our plants to their peak. For this we will use HPS.

High Pressure Sodium or HPS

Without a doubt, they are the most widely used equipment today due to their low cost and reliability. They have been on the market for many years and, despite the fact that they significantly increase the temperature inside our growing cabinet, they will help us achieve very good harvests, both in production and quality.

Within these lighting systems we can differentiate those based on high pressure sodium bulbs, with a spectrum and colour temperature perfect for the flowering phase of our crop; and MH or metal halides, designed to provide a cooler colour temperature perfect for accompanying our plants during the growth phase.

LED systems

These LED lighting systems  for growing  work very well in summer or in hot places, since they hardly give off any heat, they are much better than low-consumption systems. The only problem with this type of lighting is the high cost of the growing equipment.

LED lighting systems allow manufacturers of this type of product to play with the color and light spectrum of each component of the reflector, being able to activate biochemical sensors that are beyond the reach of cold and warm lights.

 LEC Systems

From our online Grow Shop we are proud to present the new generation of lighting systems, the LEC systems , very similar to the HPS, with the subtle difference that the LEC systems end up using half the W and produce practically the same. Thanks to the combination of an electronic ballast with a CDM/ceramic bulb, we optimize the consumption of our electricity bill by up to 35%.

Another advantage of this lighting system is the low heat production, both from the bulb and the ballast. Therefore, it will be more difficult to have problems with excessive heat, even with the lights that are completely inside the grow cabinet.


Light bulbs

In this category of bulbs  we can find all the possible ways to illuminate our crop, giving our plants the most important basis for photosynthesis. From fluorescent bulbs to maintaining our mothers and saving the process of making cuttings; through metal halides, specific for the growth phase that will help the branching of our specimens; and finally those intended for the flowering stage of our marijuana plants, HPS or sodium bulbs and the protagonists of the revolutionary LEC lighting system.



On the market we can find an infinite number of reflectors , from the simplest to the most elaborate, which can even include a direct extraction system that will take away all the heat caused by the same luminaire.

Depending on the characteristics of these reflectors, they can be divided into several groups: open stucco reflectors, open and smooth reflectors, cooled reflectors, reflectors that concentrate lumens to gain efficiency, and reflectors that open the spectrum to gain growing surface area.



A ballast is the element that we will place between the discharge lamp and the power supply. It acts as a transformer, adapting the load to the power needed for the bulb to work. Each ballast has a different power, which must be in accordance with the power of the bulb we are going to use.


Lighting Kits

We have a wide variety of lighting kits for growing in our catalogue,   with which we will cover the needs of our marijuana plants in an economical and efficient way. They will be useful both in small growing cabinets and in a growing room.

All our kits are made up of a ballast, a bulb and a reflector… all you need is some wiring to start growing!

When considering which lighting kit is the right one, every grower must consider the space available and, apart from the number of plants he is going to plant, also the amount of light that these plants will receive. Because our 1 square meter crop will not develop the same with 250w as with 600w.

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